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Can social isolation trigger a deterioration in mental health?

 Some articles explain that, social isolation influences resilience affecting mental health. Isolation proves to be a crucial protection of our physical health, preventing contagion by covid-19. It is also true how much more time is shown in the higher anxiety levels, generating insecurity, reduction or risk of suffering psychiatric illnesses. Several symptoms, such as irritability, mood swings, fear and insomnia, are identified as long-term consequences of the absence of mental health. There is no context of isolation, there is an increased likelihood of depressive disorders and, in addition to the stress associated with the treatment of diseases, there are other factors that increase the psychological vulnerability of people in confinement. I refer to the reduced economic difficulties of this pandemic, particularly the risk of an increase in unemployment that is associated with a worsening mental health of the population.

Thus, physical exercise becomes a brilliant ally in the fight against psychological diseases, reduces the production of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for general well-being. Physical exercise helps to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and the best “medication” that an individual can “take” to improve quality of life and promote their health.

The objective is to exercise the body, to be able to clean the house, to complete a city objective, to carry out a ten, twenty, thirty minute workout at home, to arrange the children's shelves, the important thing is to keep the mind clean and clean, when outlining or training, prepare a plan that includes physical exercise, whether formal or informal.

 If you have difficulty setting goals, staying focused, setting a training routine, I have a solution for you, try training with a Personal Trainer, use it to stay focused and use the available focus to guide you to the best training option. Do not let isolated thoughts, if incorporated into your life, try to counter them through the best ally, or physical exercise.