Evolve Fitness Concept


In the mid-80s, the medical community began to recognize the importance of the practice of bodybuilding exercises for health, not only in terms of improving functional capacity but also in indicators related to quality of life such as: increased bone density and basal metabolism; weight control and the prevention and resolution of problems related to low back pain.

In the 90s, different studies confirmed the potential of this practice, showing many other benefits, such as:

• Prevention of osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) and osteoporosis;

• Control of body weight;

• Preservation of functional capacity and improvement of dynamic stability;

• Contribution to psychological well-being (stress management);

• Improvement of athletic performance;

• Reduction of risk factors

o Associated with cardiovascular problems;

o Associated with diabetes (without insulin dependence);

o Associated with colon cancer;

• Improvement of recovery capacity;

• Injury prevention;

• Assistance in reducing levels of body fat;

• Improved posture;

• Preservation of muscle mass at advanced ages.

Start your workouts today, as you can see there are countless benefits!

Good training!

Diogo Lopes