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Father's Day at Clube do Bibe

Father's Day at Clube do Bibe

Today Personal Trainers Algarve went to Clube do Bibe, a top nursery in Vilamoura.

We took Father's Day to elaborate an activity between parents and children, which jointly conducted several fun games addressing components such as mobility, body language, attention span, speed games and traditional games.

Than, also took the opportunity to remind parents of their responsibilities about the transmission of educational values ​​regarding healthy lifestyles, active and food, thus continuing at home the good work that is done in the Club at this point. So after all, are not the parents who decide what children eat?

Furthermore, they are also the parents who shape the future behavior of their children with their own actions. Well, the kids generally reproduce what their parents do. So that would give the example by being active, eating healthily and keeping habits of a healthy lifestyle and regulated, if this is the role model who want their students to follow.

After all, it is also important that they are in good physical shape to accompany their children in the rhythm of daily play.

Finally, we know that, these days, the time available to forego the work is not much, so we praise all parents who have moved en masse to the Club to join this initiative.

So we appreciate the invitation that has been given by the Director of the Club and our client, Helena Banha, and also to all Educationalists and Auxiliary for their cooperation, thus giving us the opportunity to provide a different morning to all children that fortunately today with the presence of one of his heroes in their academy.

These moments are increasingly rare, (fruit from the bustle of society and professional obligations that surround us) but can and should be quality time. There no doubt that we have succeeded!

Many thanks!

Rui Madeira text