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How can you feel motivated to practice exercise?

How can you feel motivated to practice exercise?

During the daily routine the motivation for practicing exercise  does not come up easily, just because you are tired from working or simply you do not feel like to do any kind of physical activity or still because in the beginning of the activity some obstacles come up, like;

If you take the mistake of felling tones of ambition and kilos of enthusiasm, that is to say, having big objectives: “I want to practice exercise everyday”, “I want to lift up a big weight”, “I want to follow a crash diet”, to begin a sportive practice,  it becomes excessive and hard to accomplish  for a long term, you will feel really tired and do not feel like to do exercise and miss the point of having exercise and how to take it as an habit.

The loss of motivation, in the majority is due to several factors like the type of exercise, if it is always the same way, not having objectives for short term, do not fulfil the purpose, do not having self-challenge and mainly the lack of not being supervised by a personal trainer (PT).

To turn this situation around, establish easy, consistent and drivers objectives.

- First of all be aware of all  benefits you can get from exercise and its relevance, make a list when you answer to yourself why is the exercise important and what would it change in your life.

- Then, structure easy exercises to follow and think further something not so easy to have the pleasure of surpass your own challenge an when you feel more comfortable you can gradually increase the intensity of the exercises, as being, take a run for 10 minutes and in the following month you take the run for 20 minutes.

- Organize your day in order you can take time for your daily physical activity, by the morning before you start working, during lunch break or even at the end of the day, establish a time and a fixed place.

- Increase the compromise you have with the  physical exercise and accomplish your weekly/monthly objectives, without changing them because you can take the risk to increase them too much and  jeopardize everything.

- Get training with company, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, your children or just your favourite music and do not get bored, reward yourself when finish training, being proud of yourself and therefore you will not want to miss the physical activity.

Have good workouts!

Ana Rita Abreu text