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What is HIIT?

The HIIT modality ( High Intensity Interval Training) is recommended for people who don’t have enough time but want to lose weight, muscle definition and physical fitness.

                                                                                                                    The biggest advantage of that kind of training is to raise the EPOC effect, that is to say, the excess of oxygen consumption after exercise. When the training has a high intensity, the metabolism stays speedy and, with that, a higher amount of calories are burned during the next 24 hours.

Beyond the searches evince a higher calorie burn, which is an excellent alternative to people who want to lose weight, the HIIT may be done in almost everywhere with any device, or even without any device. Beginners, intermediaries and pros may take advantage of HIIT, because everyone has their own rhythm. The main part is to always keep on moving, without rest.

The exercise is performed in its higher intensity during a determinate period of time, followed by a predefined “brake” when you get a bit slower, but you never rest until you finish the stipulated time.

It is necessary to pay attention to the HIIT training excess, once it need a bit more from our bodies, for being required periods of high intensity, not being recommended to do it every day – at least three times a week – because it can negatively influence the muscular mass gain, or become in overtraining.

Have good workouts!

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