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5 Reasons for weights training

1 - You will lose more fat – isn’t just cardio that will help you lose those extra pounds, strength training along with cardiovascular training is what brings the greatest benefits.

2 - Improve diet - regular exercise helps keep the focus on a healthy diet, because after a great workout will not spoil and eat junk food .. ok?

3 - Stress Free - Train well, strong and heavy as you tire the body will rest the mind. Soon you will feel happier and will see their productivity increase.

4 - Healthier heart - several studies have proven that train at least 3 times a week, a general training and with weights, helps control blood pressure. Only this helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents by 40%. Isn’t great?

5 - The clothes will serve better - Losing the extra pounds that you  want, will see how that dress or those pants that had kept in the closet a few good months ago will serve and become even better.

Still need more reasons?

Ask us ... we took all the doubts and you no longer have excuses.

Good training!

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