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What should I do on vacation or travel so I do not break the routine?

Christmas arrived! The holiday periods are moments of excellence of rest and leisure. The great majority makes a point of "doing nothing" and taking the time to rest, relax and have fun.

Nothing wrong so far, however, who ever presses on for frequent training during the rest of the year should not stop completely in these days because then the restart will be quite painful.

So, some care to take when you are on vacation.

First, do a little research of where you are going on vacation, check if there are some gyms nearby, places that allow outdoor sports or skilled professionals working in the area.

Then, starting with a training plan adapted to where you will go, simply having this plan will force you to fulfill most of the time. Choose online training for a monetization of time and results!

If this idea is not to your liking and you even go on a family vacation and do not want to waste your time in your company, choose activities that everyone can do, for example: long walks, bike rides, water activities that require some physical effort!

If you even get some time out of the family environment, but there are no physical resources for exercising choose to train with body weight. A workout with some more "basic" movements, such as squats, pushups, burpees, jumpsuits, boards, lunges will be enough if you build a training structure in interval and with a moderate to high intensity, with little rest time. This will allow you to maintain a good physical shape and will require little time and then enjoy in full rest.

This is a time of abuses in food and has to be compensated with physical exercise. Above all, the most important thing will be to plan before going on vacation, then the only solution will be fulfill.

Good workouts and a good vacation!

Rui Madeira text