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How to get motivation to workout?

Start exercising and mantaining it’s difficult for most people. But it’s possible to turn it into a fun and fulfilling activity.

On average, 50% of the people who work out on gyms, end up quitting after 3 months.

If you decided to go to a gym it’s because you have a goal, right?

For exemple, when you want buy some clothes, you go to the shop and buy. You reach your goal.

So why would you give up a goal that basicly improves your whole life, specially your health? Why are you giving up?

Motivation means having a motive to act. Why not give action to motivation?

There are many reasons to star working out regularly. Here are some exemples:

FORGET THE WEIGHT -  In the beggining, the most importante to keep in mind is to focus on the benefits to your health and well being. Don’t mind the looks, the weight loss or the muscle gain;

START WITH YOUR FAVORITES – I’m sure there are certain activities that you like. Go get them! Trying new activities will be great to spice up routine and work several physical abilities;

FOCUS ON THE GOAL – Divide your goal into marks like “what”, “how”, “when” and “why”. Example: If you want to loose 5 kg, one specific mark for you to stablish would be to go for a walk 5 times a week for 1 hour;

COMMIT WITH PEOPLE – When you have someone to share experiences with you, it’s easier to create a routine, which increases the commitment with exercising and makes it exciting and fun. Hire a Personal Trainer: not only will you see results faster, but you will also have na extra motivation and commitment to new challenges;

CHALLENGE YOURSELF – At first, your muscular and aerobic endurance may not be the great. However, if you keep a regular exercise routine, your endurance will increase proportionally. That’s something only you can do for yourself. Every new stage you reach will make you stronger, more confident, motivated and prepared;

ADAPT TO YOUR NEEDS – Mind the time to work out. Ask your PT a compact and personalized training that aims your goals the best way possible. Because quantity doesn’t mean quality;

“When you feel down, take the time to think. Meditate! You won’t be giving up exercising, you’ll be giving up on yourself. Make working out a happy constant habit.”

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