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These days, we see young people increasingly complaining about back pain. Many times the pain they feel is originated from a deviation of the spine, scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spine with an angulation greater than 10 degrees, which may or may not present a rotational pattern, which we call Gibbousness. This spinal rotation may create a change in alignment of the rib cage, shoulder girdle (shoulders and shoulder blades), and pelvis.

In about 85% of cases this pathology is of idiopathic origin, without known cause and affects about 5 to 8 times more girls than boys. However, scoliosis may have other origins, such as neuromuscular scoliosis, which originates from neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy and polio, and congenital scoliosis arising from formation anomalies or vertebrae division.

In some cases which scoliosis is not very marked can be quite subtle, however it is still important to consult your doctor or physiotherapist to avoid progression, avoiding the consequent wear of the intervertebral discs and nerve compression.

Be aware of your children's posture, one shoulder higher than the other, a bent head or a tendency to bend one knee while keeping the other stretched when standing still, may be signs of scoliosis. It is of extreme importance a early diagnosis, since the growth phase it is the most predisposed to the aggravation of the this pathology.

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