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Plantar fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a connective tissue that begins at the base of the calcaneus (bone present in the heel) and extends across the sole of the foot. This fibrous band acts as an impact absorbing element, supporting the plantar arch formed by the foot. If the tention in the zone is too large, small breakdowns may occur. The repetition of this process causes irritation and inflammation of the tissue, called plantar fasciitis.

Usually those who present this pathology, feel strong pain in the foot with the first morning steps, the pain can intensify after long periods of standing or in the transition from the sitting position to the vertical position. The pain caused by this inflammation resembles a strong spike in the heel, which may or may not go along with local swelling.

Runners, dancers and gymnasts are the risk groups of this pathology, but there are other risk factors without direct association with sports modality. Overweight, pregnancy, diabetes and postural changes are not less important factors for the emergence of Plantar fasciitis.

Gender, age and occupation can also contribute for this pathology, studies show that the female gender, ages 40 to 60 and occupations that are standing on hard surfaces for many hours, have a high rate of Incidence of this lesion.

Once ignored, plantar fasciitis can progress to chronic pain affecting daily activities, and gait changes can cause knee, hip and spine problems. 

If your symptoms fit within what has been described here, talk with your trainer and consult your doctor or physiotherapist for a more detailed evaluation!

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