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Secrets for weight loss

The secret to losing weight and decreasing the abdominal perimeter is in training and eating right.

Losing weight may not be easy. Many people try to lose weight without any follow up. They start walking or running but maintain the same eating habits. However, once you begin training, your caloric expenditure increases. This isn’t an issue, as your body adapts very quickly to any physical activity and can stagnate the results.

For example, if you start walking 3kms by foot every day, it will be exhausting at first. However, after a little while, you will end up not getting tired, because your body has become accustomed to this stimulus and your metabolism has adapted accordingly.

For this reason, it is necessary to give the body different stimuli so that you can burn fat and finally lose weight.

In this case, personal training is the best for you. The coach can use the interval training methodology adapting its intensity to your own characteristics. It is through intensive training that you will burn fat as quickly as possible in a lasting way.

Sometimes you lose weight but losing your belly comes last. In this case, you need to lose abdominal perimeter. You can combine cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, cycling, swimming) with toning exercises that involve working the biggest number of muscles possible (through polyarticular exercises). And obviously, having a healthy diet.

So, the secrets to losing weight and losing belly are:

- Exercise at least 45 minutes, 4 times a week.

- Do activities that motivate you.

- Park the car farther than usual.

- Eat several times a day.

- Drink 2 litres of water a day.

- Avoid cakes and desserts, especially as snacks.

- Don’t eat bread at your main meal.

- Avoid sodas.

- Do not go to the supermarket feeling hungry.

- Be patient and positive.

Get a personalized workout experience and make what is difficult look easy. We can help you achieve it.

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