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The Importance of a Physical Evaluation

The entire training process begins with a physical evaluation, from which all information is removed so that a proper and personalized training structure can be outlined.

At Personal Trainers we do not advance to the training without first being made the physical evaluation, in addition to only we can structure and adapt the training, it is also with her that we can quantify and qualify the evolution of our athletes.

I want to do a physical evaluation

As already mentioned, the training process starts here, and the more information your personal trainer can collect, the better your training plan will be drawn up.

Therefore, we always have to know more about ourselves, know their limitations to physical exercise, diseases, injuries, only then we can adapt the training to you, we continue the evaluation with weighing and blood pressure measurement.

You can not miss the body measurements, here we go to analyze our body composition to the centimeter, so that we can later on a physical revaluation see the evolution.

Passing these phases, we begin the more practical evaluation, with the resistance tests using the Cooper Test or the Millet Test, and with the tests of superior and abdominal strength, never neglecting the tests of flexibility, and, moreover, for a We perform a postural evaluation so that some postural differences and compensations can be detected.

I want to see how my physical condition is

These are the tests performed so we can better prescribe your training, always adapting these tests to your personal goal, be it increase strength, lose weight, gain resistance or why not improve your health.

Our customers regularly do these tests to ensure reliable feedback from their work. Their results are in sight!

I want to have results

Do not wait and check your Physical Evaluation with your personal team, we are waiting for you!

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