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PT Duo: Two-way practice, double results

Surely you already had in the impasse of: I will or will not train ?! Yeah, it's usually harder to beat laziness alone.

When there are two to share the training and there are common goals, there is always one: "There is training there", "today is training day do not delay", "we have to give in the hard that we did only weekends in the weekend," etc.

Whether it's bodybuilding or losing weight, Personal Trainers loves to do Duo training, we motivate our partner, and when it's our turn, we rely on your help and we put more load, or we do those extra repetitions that take us Even to the limit.

Double motivation training

What is the PT Duo service?

A Personal Trainer for 2 Training Fellows! that's right!

Extra motivation, with exercises that defy both and put them often in "open war", 3 to paddle to the same place can only really is to arrive faster.

The training should always be a challenge, with a PT that is guaranteed, and a PT Duo still has fun trying to outdo its partner.

We all know the benefits of having a PT, but there are even more advantages in the PT Duo service:

- Motivation and maximum commitment;

- Training with challenges to 2;

- Overcoming training to post workout;

- Sharing of experiences (training, feeding, more active leisure activities).

Do not delay, invite a friend to train!

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At home, outdoor (beach, boardwalk, garden ...), or in the Gym, we train together, and we managed to surpass your expectations together.

At Personal Trainers we manage your entire training process, we teach and we set an example of a new lifestyle, to be healthier, and in the physical form you have always dreamed of.

Our team plans everything for your success, from exercise to food we leave nothing to chance.

Start training today, with one PT to help the results are guaranteed, prove it yourself.

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