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The brain also trains

In everyday life we ​​are always subject to stress, it is impossible to escape from them, and certain situations of chronic stress can cause health problems such as depression, heart disease and weight gain, on the other hand our body can benefit from situations of Stress.

The level of stress response varies from person to person, some are more anxious or sensitive to threat than others, and people exposed to what are called "adverse child events" are people who may later be more reactive To stressful situations.

Know how to react better to stress

Personal Trainers alerts that, while it is impossible to escape stress, we can train our brains so that we can deal better with it and make it an ally of training and exercise, as we can see with these three ways of training our brains.

Mindfulness, is nothing less than training positive thinking and good memories that we have while practicing exercise.

A part of our brain acts to alert us to danger (amygdala), creating a stressful situation, but another part of our brain is in charge of regulating this emotional response to stress (prefrontal cortex) , It is in him that the positive and relaxing thoughts that attenuate the symptoms of stress, by exercising the brain with these positive thoughts and controlling the breath, by concentrating on the environment that is inserted practice, are proven in him. Studies prove that 30 minutes per day of these exercises can change the reaction to stress.

Planning, here is where you plan what can happen on the day of training or competition, this planning will help control some aspects like your training plan and your food plan, here your personal trainer may be on your side To help you.

The bright side, this is the side of stress in which this stress is used for its own benefit, managing to take anxiety out of a form of adrenaline and increase its performance, improve the physical condition at the moment, just think how this form of Stress can help improve skills and become a better athlete.

I want to train to deal better with stress

Our brain controls our body and with it we can improve our performance, with the personalized training you can prove for yourself, at Personal Trainers we will create habits of physical and mental training to be our next success case. Know how!

André Silva text citing Wippman, B.