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7 Leg Exercises for Hypertrophy

Today we will explain how to get HUGE legs, and suggest a methodology and training proposal with key exercises. Still, do not forget, we have a team at your disposal to plan and organize the training process individually, according to your needs and goals.

I want a training program

Look at the following factors:

Age, gender, genetics, hormone level, quality of life, nutrition, individual response to training, intensity, duration, time on tension, rest, mechanical stress, metabolic stress (swelling) and muscle fiber injuries.

In fact our body is complex, so before going to the gym to lift weight, always look for a competent professional to explain the whole process and help you integrate all these factors.

Characteristics of a muscular hypertrophy training:

- Loads of intensity: 75% to 85% of 1 RM;

- 6 to 12 repetitions;

- 3 to 6 series;

- Cadence (execution speed): 2: 4;

- 6 to 10 exercises per training session;

- 1 to 3 minutes of rest;

- 48 to 72 hours rest between training sessions;

- Weekly frequency for the same muscle group: 1 to 3 days.

Know more 

Remember to include these 7 Exercises in your next leg day.

1. Squatting on multipower;                     

2. Leg Press (Leg press);

3. Leg Curl (leg flexion);                              

4. Lunges with dumbbells;

5. STIFF;                                                             

6. Squatting Juice

7. Elevation of twins with halter

In Custom Training, we will help you feel each muscle group that is recruited in the different exercises (body awareness), we will manipulate variables such as number of repetitions, load, speed of execution, rest times, and periodically we will vary the sequence of exercises for new adaptations.

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Start the change today, our team leaves nothing to chance, all well-structured processes tend to be more successful, check it out here.

Miguel Paiva text adapted from Thomas, S.