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Advantages of outdoor training

The good weather is coming and with it comes the urge to go out into the street.

Outdoor workout is an excellent option to get out of four walls, breathe fresh air and probably do it with very pleasant scenarios.

I want to workout outdoor

You may think that when training outdoors you will not do a good workout because you do not have a variety of equipment like a gym. However, with the methodological tools of a personal trainer, you will have all the prescription and follow-up you need.

Certainly you already know some of the benefits of physical exercise to the level of health improvements. In addition to those you already know, when training is done outdoors, attention, concentration, endorphins (well-being hormones) and vitamin D levels double.

On the street you can have variety in training whether you want to lose weight or want a more toned body. In addition, if you are a very busy person, the coach will be able to spend your time adapting to your schedule, and this will still be your mirror in correcting postures in the movements. In the case of people who do not have where to leave their children, they can accompany the parents without disturbing anyone.

Personal Trainers comes to you

Do not know what exercises to do on the street? Did you start hiking but did not get results? We have the solution for you. The personal trainer will take you to your preferred location and conduct a training program to suit you. Or, if you like to train outdoors but prefer in a group, be part of one of our groups. You can choose between Faro, Olhão, Vilamoura, Loulé and Quarteira. If you want to form a group in another locality just contact us.

With us all scenarios are possible, the only impossible thing is to stay still. Contact us now!

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