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Benefits of body weight training

Body weight training, also known as calisthenics workout, is a way of working out with the weight of your body, using (if needed) little workout tools. No free weights are used, neither bodybuilding machines.

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These type of workouts can be practised at any time, anywhere, by begginers or more advanced athletes. Every exercise has several difficulty progressions, which turns it always into a challenge.

Certainly, you’ve already done squats, push-ups, burpees or planks. All these are executed with your body weight only. They increase resistance, strenght, coordination, fat loss, intensity, amongst others.

Summing up, the benefits of body weight training are:

- Large diversity of exercises for all the muscles;

- It can be executed anywhere, even in a 2m2 area;

- No material needed, only the weight of your body is used;

- Increases your fat loss. These are exercises that provide a high calorie consumption, which leads to lean mass increase and fat mass decrease;

- Improves your strenght, depending on the type of exercise and repetitions. Example: if you do 30 push-ups, you are working your resistance. If you do 5 push-ups with one arm, you’ll be training your strenght;

- Your resistance will improve gradually. Example: maybe you could only do 5 burpees at a time, but with practice and time, you’ll be able to do 30 in a row;

- Coordination is very important in a daily basis and it’s present on every exercise. You’ll learn to be conscious of your body movement (example: doing jumping jacks requires you to coordinate the movement of your arms with the leg openning at the same time);

- Jumping is a big part of body weight training, which will increase intensity.

Initially, it’s crucial to be followed by a Personal Trainer on this type of training, to make sure every exercise is done correctly, avoiding injuries.

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Personal Trainers can help you to begin this journey of body weight training, so you can learn how to do it and become an independent athlete. Learn more.

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