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Power Training

It is usually thought of high loads that to develop muscle power, forgetting the importance of the rate of contraction and the rate of force production, quite important in the development of muscle power, which should not exceed 50% of an MRI (Maximum repetition).

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Since the rate of force production is closely related to athletic performance, coaches invest time in developing this ability that manifests itself in rapid force. Resistance training with heavy loads, ballistic training, and moving bars quickly (including Olympic hoisting movements) are the best way to develop the rate of force production.

However, due to the characteristics of the load and speed of movement, it is necessary to be alert to avoid too aerobic efforts, which are considered to be harmful for the development of muscle power.

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So to make all this theory in practice let's take as an example the muscles of the back, for this type of training it is necessary to combine strength exercises with power exercises. Thus strength exercises will cover the development rate of force production, and the power exercises cover the speed requirements of muscle contraction.

Look at the following examples of Exercise:

1. Lat pulldown - 4 sets of 5 reps. (Maximum force)

2. Wood chop throw - 4 sets of 10 reps. (Explosive movement).

These 2 exercises should be done as superset and than take a rest of 2 minutes minimum after finishing the woodchop throws .

Here we need to mention that the power reps should be around 10 reps and the sets between 3-6 .

Finally , it s really important to know the importance of all phases of training and progress threw all the phases giving each phase it’s time and not skipping any phase to minimize the risk of injury .

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