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Golf and fitness

Any golfer knows how challenging a form is, a progression has no limits. The image of human nature Golf is a game where you have a difficult complete satisfaction, no matter how well it has runner the day of the game there is always room for progress, and to have done some "shooting" better.

I want to improve my golf

It is evident that success comes not only from the talent but from the combination of a lot of training, effort, and dedication, and golf does not shy away from this, one of the greatest golf legends Tiger Woods, for his times of greater glory an example of this highlighting The two players, especially at the level of fitness. He was a given of great importance to his physical qualities (strength, endurance, mobility and balance), quickly realized that he was strong and athletic, with great physical availability, and with a lot of muscular power, and he simulated trained these Aspects, and investigate others Hours without having to obtain this, through bodybuilding and functional training. It can be said that, Tiger Woods incited a physical culture in modern golf.

Just take a close look to realize that the stereotype of the bottled golfer, and sloppy with your body no longer includes the world top 10. Golfers have evolved a lot in physical terms and there are no world-class players who do not take care of their body, and who do not have a personal trainer for the organization of an adaptation adapted to their needs, are: Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day , Others on their own. These 3 players do not have extra stiff rods and hit drives from hundreds of meters by chance, this is the result of a lot of muscle power, and physical availability obtained with Custom Training.

I want to improve my fitness

Many players think (even professionals) that their game only improves with the perfection of the technique, or the massive training in Driving Range, or in turns of success, but often the problem is not technical training but physical or even mental.

As more limitations to success, they are usually physical, from which stand out: posture problems (affects impact and alignment), poor mobility / flexibility (affects rotation and power), inhibited or overworked muscle groups (Affects Balance and fluidity / order of movements). In short, muscle imbalances and postural deviations after settling in can be found elsewhere, and recurring Swing errors (Chicken Wing, Early Release, Back Weight, Hanging Back, Over The Top, S, Sway, etc.)

The training and a functional evaluation can be used to continue to progress in the modality. Personal Trainers promotes your success !!

In the Algarve it has excellent conditions for the practice of golf, and also has the professionals of excellence focused on its objectives, with a consistent and personalized practice of exercise that is sure to improve your game.

A training program tailored to you will:

- Improve posture;

- Stability in the game base;

- Ease of movement execution;

- Prevention of injuries associated with golf (tendonitis);

- Increase concentration ability over 18 holes (body are, sane mind);

- Increase resistance to fatigue (100% physically available in each shot);

- Fitness (do not end up tired);

- Greater body awareness and muscle memory (consistency in swing).

That´s what I really need

If you want different results you have to do different things, contact us now and we explain how you can start the change.

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