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Exercise and coronary artery disease

One of the most worrying cardiovascular diseases, caused by the deposition of fat and calcium plaques inside the arteries, the atherosclerosis. They impair the normal blood circulation in the organs or even prevent it, causing a myocardial infarction.

Personal Trainers show some risk factors associated with this condition:

- Overweight and obesity

- Diabetes

- Smoking

- High Cholesterol

- Arterial hypertension

- Physical inactivity

These risk factors increase the likelihood of suffering from this disease. But not all bad news, these factors are modifiable, that is, if you happen to be within one or more of these risk factors and want to change know that you can prevent this disease with a change of lifestyle.

Practicing exercise regularly and having healthy eating habits are the best recommendation for the control and prevention of these diseases. A personalized follow-up in this situation is of extreme importance. The personal trainer adapts the training to your needs, will evaluate, advise and schedule your workout according to your physical condition so that you could change your lifestyle and thereby bring enormous benefits to your health.

If you want to change your lifestyle, start today!

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