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The secret to great abs

Let's be honest, defined abs will never go out of style. They make anyone looks incredible, and the good news is that it is not as difficult as the fitness industry wants to appear to be. In fact and for most cases it is quite simple . Personal Trainers will provide you all the information and strategies required for you to achieve your specific goals.

I want get great abs

The first major myth in gyms is that you have to do endless sit-ups to get your belly set (completely wrong); worse is that most abdominal exercises done without awareness and supervision can be life threatening to your spine and hernia scavengers. Exercises like Crunch, Russian Twist, bicycle crunch, abdominal machines, are among those that promote more compressive strength in the spine, and guess what! Even making a thousand a day your excess of abdominal fat mass will remain exactly the same.

Dear all, even you who does a good work of sit-ups with anti-rotational spine stabilization exercises, to improve your Core, you must get rid of that extra fat. Otherwise, you will never have a flat and straight belly. We all have more or less developed abdominals, they are there believe it, the problem is that they can be highly protected with a prominent layer of fatty tissue. The secret is right there, get rid of excess Fat Mass.

We have the solution

Change now! First for your health - visceral excess fat is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, and dyslipidemia - Second to your look. Seek expert help and do a personalized physical assessment.

How do I get rid of visceral fat?

First, it should emphasize cardiovascular work, and we are not referring to the race, but rather to exercises that mobilize large muscle masses, such as jumping squats, burpees, montain climbers, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, drills, skipings and, of course, costumized exercises based on running, etc. The work of strength of the large muscle groups (legs, chest and back) also provide an important help in the optimization of the metabolism. Given this, be sure that Dumbbells and Bars will be a crucial part of your workout. Stronger and more developed muscles have higher metabolic requirements, and in the medium / long term fat has the days counted.

Finally, a crucial topic: the food. We will give you the following challenge: Try for 1 month only to stop eating refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, and white rice), sugars and alcohol. Just try it for a month and say hello to your abs, more energy and vitality, and a stronger body. If you like the results do not stop there, we are sure you agree the secret for your succeed is based on a continued effort.

Personal Trainers will be by your side so that you never give up, to follow you in the change, to teach you how to use your body, and to eat better and better.

Let's do this, start a project now that will change your health and figure. Your six-pack are sick of being in hiding.

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