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10 TIPS to reduce waistline

The belly is an area where fat usually accumulates in both the woman and the man, and the search for the perfect waist is constant. Have you tried the following tips? There are 10 tips that make all the difference in abdominal fat loss.

I really want to lose belly

1. Specific weekly training. With personal trainer help, prepare an exercise program. Depending on your goals, your physical condition, and the timing, your trainer will schedule a series of exercises and give you several guidelines to make your goal achievable.

2. Oblique and transverse abdominals. It's time to set aside the traditional sit-ups and give way to the most effective ones to set your waistline. More than working on the rectus abdominis, the important thing is to work the obliques and transverses. In order to achieve, it is enough to incorporate into your training the front and side boards, for example, helps to shape and reduce waist circumference.

3. Hipopressives. They should be part of your day to day life, they will help you strengthen the deep abdominal muscles. This abdominal work is a good method to work abdominal waist and pelvic area, increase flexibility, improve posture and increase respiratory capacity.

4. Exercise technique. Make sure you perform each exercise correctly to ensure results. The Personal Trainer has a very important role in the correction of the technique, which results in the prevention of injuries.

5. Power. Food and physical exercise should always go hand in hand on our way to the goal: reduce waistline. As a general rule, you will have to avoid eating sugars and saturated fats. However, it is important to consult a nutritionist for a balanced diet.

6. Hydration. Drink lots of water! Correct hydration is essential to fight against fluid retention, increase vitality and perform exercise with the body hydrated.

7. Breathing. It is the key to the correct execution of the exercises. It is essential to follow good breathing throughout the training, especially in the case of the abdominals.

8. Rest. Did you know that lack of rest increases your appetite and tends to encourage you to eat less healthy foods? A good rest allows to face the daily routine with vitality, without the need to resort to unhealthy snacks to obtain that dose of energy that we lack.

9. Regular. There is no time to lose. Healthy exercise and eating should be regular in order to achieve all goals.

10. Body treatments. Look for specialized therapists for more effective muscle recovery and feel relaxed.

Personal Trainers helps you to achieve your goals more easily. Know how.

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