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What do you prefer? Cardio or weights?

We analyze the reasons that lead to prefer an aerobic training to an anaerobic training.

We all have preferences, be it food, social, work, but at the level of exercise which is your preference? Cardio or weights? What is the most enjoyable workout?

What is the best workout for my specific goals?

A complete physical workout, which includes warm-up, a few minutes of aerobic exercise, and other anaerobic exercises is recommended. However, it is true that we must strictly follow the recommendations of the personal trainer.

What are the reasons to enjoy a cardio workout?

In a cardio workout, we can’t stand still, music helps keep pace and enjoy exercise. By testing your cardiovascular fitness will relax and help eliminate the stresses accumulated during the day.

And what about strength training, what are the reasons you prefer?
The method is accurate, that is, the training is accomplished through the number of repetitions and previously stipulated series. So it is possible to compete with ourselves, which means that today the repetitions are carried out with a weight, tomorrow it may already be possible to increase and so on. These are exercises that show evolution.

While you may enjoy cardio workouts or strength training, we recommend that you combine cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises to achieve your goals. Doing this type of training will increase your vitality and feel more agile and strong.

Personal Trainers can help you to do the kind of training you like best, achieving all the benefits. Know how!

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