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10 tips for toned legs

Dream about toned legs? Then follow these tips so you can work your legs right and achieve what you want.

How to get dream legs

Do not forget and invest time in yourself and your legs, you will notice the difference.

1. Forget the elevator

Whenever you leave the house, avoid the elevator and use the stairs. When you are climbing the stairs you will be working your glutes, quadriceps and twins. When going down, it will activate the quadriceps. One trick: Try not to tilt the torso forward and put the weight back so that both your buttocks and your legs are the ones that work the most.

2. Cold water shower

Start the day with a cold shower, and after the workout, too. Because? Because it has many benefits, such as improving circulation and revitalizing and toning muscles. Do not forget that a good cold water bath will re-activate the blood circulation throughout the body. In addition, after training, it facilitates recovery by easing the legs of fatigue.

3. Eat in a balanced way and drink water

Food is crucial in exercise. If you want to get good results and achieve toned legs, you should take care of your feeding and do it in a balanced way. While it is true that there is no specific diet to strengthen the lower body, we recommend that you include protein, will help you gain more muscle and build the perfect muscle for your legs. It is also important that you drink plenty of water, essential for staying hydrated and preventing fluid retention.

4. Do specific exercises, very important!

Work the large muscle groups of buttocks and legs, and do it in a concrete way with the goal of strengthening each muscle. We talk about squats, barbell squats, lunges, leg presses, dead weight, gluteal bridge, etc.

5. Use elastic bands

Rubber bands or elastic bands are highly recommended for hardening the legs and, indeed, the glutes. They also help improve flexibility and strength, which also improves muscle strength. There are many exercises like squatting, walking sideways with the resistance band or doing leg extensions. One tip: use them a few times a week and combine them with aerobic exercise, you will notice the difference!

6. Tone the twins

Do not forget the twins, they are also important. One very effective exercise to tone them up is the heel lift, which consists of standing on your toes continuously. Hold for a few seconds and repeat the exercise again.

7. Spinning class

The spinnig, or cycling allows strengthening the bottom, basically the legs and glutes. In addition, due to the changes in the rhythm of the classes, it is possible to work the aerobic and anaerobic plane.

8. Get over it day by day

Whenever you can, get over it! Once you can do the basic exercises correctly, do not stagnate, try to increase the intensity and get its maximum power. Improve every day, the reward will be equal to or greater than the effort you make!

9. Be constant

Yes, we have said it many times and we do not tire of repeating it: be constant. This is one of the key keys to getting not just strong and toned legs, but to get in shape.

10. Treatments for your legs

There are several treatments to eliminate cellulite, fluid retention that help improve the look of your legs.

How to get toned legs

Resume, Personal Trainers show you how to get your dream legs! Book a meeting with your trainer and see what we can do for you.

Good workouts!

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