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6 Reasons to start training with Personal Trainers in 2018

After the holidays you roll up your sleeves to face the new year with energy, health, determination and for this nothing better than invigorating the body and mind with a challenging workout with your Personal Trainer or Small Groups.

If in 2017 you postponed starting a training program Personal Trainers (PTA) has the solution to achieve your best physical form ever, and it may be already in 2018, our mission is to help people, stay with us in this article and understand why it should start to train with the PTA and how we will help you build the project that will definitely change your life.

I want to workout and change my life

1. Run the marathon? Best in your favorite sport or hobby? play with your children or grandchildren? Lose weight? Improve your physical appearance? Gain muscular mass? End your back or knee pain? Simply being healthier and not getting bored when climbing stairs?

Whatever your goal, we have a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in different areas of fitness, physical and sports performance that have perfectly adapted to your individuality and goals.

2. Periodic physical evaluation, training program directed to success with structured training step by step.

Tell us where you want to go and we'll take you there. But first we need to know the level where you are, mark your physical evaluation in January and from that moment you will see how we will build a program of your own training and adapted to your biological individuality, and every month you will be anxious to see the their achievements in the monthly evaluation.

3. Constant eating tips.

It's not just about training, your diet will change and in the end you will realize, and say, "what but is so easy"? With our support you will have a set of metabolic optimization tips adjusted to your day to day goals and objectives, from the time of Physical Evaluation.

4. Continuous follow-up and motivation.

Our work does not end at the end of the training, at PTA we let our clients feel free to contact us at any time, we want to be there to help at any time of the day. You will see that the motivation we give you does not end at the end of the training, you will be motivated in every second of your day, your family and friends will notice it.

5. Commitment to results.

Our motivation is your results and in addition to training with your Personal Trainer you will have physical challenges (only 15 minutes of your day), and / or structured trainings, to do from home, abroad or in the gym.

6. The training will also be your moment of leisure, fun and socialization.

It is certain that there will be effort and overcoming, but leave with us we will even in these moments to start a few laughs. And in group workouts there are exercises that make you go to your limit with a smile and you will not even notice that you are training intensely. And of course we did not stay alone for the training, there were activities and events throughout the year, aimed at your leisure and well being, where all our athletes can socialize and exchange experiences.

I want to try

More than simply giving good workouts you will see your lifestyle change, in the PTA we want to be responsible for a behavioral change that will make you reach higher levels of success and happiness. Know our success stories and be you in 2018 to give us your testimony.

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