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5 Fundamental Characteristics in the choice of PT

In a market where the Personal Training service increasingly occupies a space of greater importance, and emphasizes in the promotion of health, as well as regular habits of physical exercise, obtaining fast and lasting results, the figure of Personal Trainer is every time more rooted in the daily life of our society. Given this, it is essential to be more and more rigorous in this profession, as well as a wide range of technical and social skills.

Dear reader to think of you take into consideration the following topics for a consistent and wise decision when choosing your personal trainer.

1 - Humility

Humility is the hallmark of the most evolved leaders. Jim Collins coined the term "Level 5 Leadership" to illustrate how the best leaders have turned people with whom they work into examples of great success, using humility as a catalyst for change, motivation, and commitment. We can easily conclude that the function of the leader is to serve those around him so that these people can do their work to the maximum of their performance capacity. A humble leadership promotes strong relationships, encourages the will to go further. Humility has the power to inspire and attract others.

2 - Focus

Being focused and maintaining the focus is one of the most important characteristics of a PT, in this service is 100% commitment and attention in the client, to promote adjusted corrections it is necessary a rigorous analysis of motor standards. The ability to have effective feedback results from a full focus to fully understand the client's difficulties and their real motivations, moods.

This ability will let you know that you are working with a professional interested in you and your evolution.

3 - Resilience

The challenges associated with the role of PT are daily and constant, as the work done is done from people to people, and the PT must show unwavering confidence. Being resilient means believing the people you work with when no one else believes, resisting all the hardships and excuses of your clients, and still not letting that give up is an option for both of you. In other words, it is to be an inexhaustible motivating motor, and always in operation, to inspire your client to believe in himself and to fight against all adversities, for the end will be magnificent.

Added to this is the ability to solve problems, adapt to change, deal positively with pressure and, mostly, make decisions. Emotional self-control, optimism, analytical ability, and empathy are a sum of features that can help define each person's resilience profile. 

4 - Communication Skills

If communication is the basis of all human activity, then the ability to communicate effectively is the basis of all human processes. for a PT to communicate in a targeted manner with each of its clients, respecting their individuality, can be a challenge that can only be overcome with a great emotional intelligence, acquired with experience and specific training.

Listening ability, non-verbal communication, trust, effective feedback, empathy and respect are key features for us to communicate openly and effectively.

5 - Advanced Training

The personal training service should always be understood as a technically advanced process, where basic and complementary training is decisive in the success of its clients. In short, the PT should be a professional passionate about training and with consolidated and updated levels of technical training. Ensure that when hiring a PT this explains the whole process and how both will reach the result that made you look for this service. From initial assessment, training planning, techniques used, service longevity, food concern, and mid-term assessments to realize both are on track. Being certified, and setting the example is very important to have legitimacy vis-à-vis those who seek the PT service.

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