Evolve Fitness Concept

The Best Medicine of Humanity

Several studies confirm what the majority of the population knows: physical exercise is good for health.

It has recently been found that about 90% of people claim to know it but only 30% admit to practicing it regularly.

And here lies our focus: to increase the habits of physical activity of the population as a way to promote the health of Humanity.


Because the latest studies on the main causes of death have concluded that Physical Inactivity is the 4th main risk factor following arterial hypertension, smoking and diabetes.

Knowing that Physical Exercise lowers Arterial Hipertension and helps to control diabetes and quit smoking, we can place it as the primary means of fighting the major risk factors.

In this sense it is urgent that we promote change, endure change and facilitate change ... but we can’t do it alone.

Come and train with us!

We have the Best Medicine of Humanity:

Generic Name: Physical Activity

Trade Name: Functional Exercise, HIIT, Strength Training, Endurance Training ...

Dose: ask us!


  • Prevent obesity
  • Reduce the incidence and effects of diabetes
  • Preventing and treating CV
  • Decrease cancer risk
  • Treating Hypertension
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Decrease depressive and anxiety symptoms
  • Reduce risk of dementia

Adverse "effects":

  • Sweat
  • Good mood
  • Weight loss and increased muscle mass
  • Increases intestinal transit
  • Administration: by a specialized professional (Contact us)


  • May cause addiction
  • It can improve your physical appearance.

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