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Shoulder train exercises

Strengthening the shoulder region is very important considering that the shoulders are more susceptible to injury than other muscle groups. This increased risk of injury is due to the fact that the shoulder joint does not depend on the skeletal system for stability, but the stability of the joint comes from the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Shoulder training plays an important role not only in injury prevention but also in improving athletic performance and of course what most are interested in - aesthetics. Here are 3 shoulder training exercises.

Shoulder Exercise # 1: Overhead Dumbbell Press
This exercise is a must for the shoulder training routines. The overhead dumbell press is the best shoulder training exercise to add lean mass. Exercise can be done while standing, sitting on a bench or even sitting on the floor. The floor version is made by extending only 1 arm at a time. For both floor and floor versions, you'll feel your entire core working to help stabilize the movement.

Shoulder Exercise # 2: Side Lifting
Most people incorporate the lateral augmentation exercise into their shoulder workout routines. The problem is that most people do it the wrong way and put themselves at risk of injury. The most common mistake associated with this exercise is raising your arms too high. When the arms are raised above the level of the shoulder, the supraspinatus becomes impacted. As long as movement is done correctly, lateral elevation exercise is a great way to strengthen the medial (middle) aspect of the shoulder.

Shoulder exercise n. ° 3: Pressure of the Olympic Bar
This is an exercise that, beyond the shoulders, is aimed at other types of muscles. The push of the Olympic bar is a highly effective and extremely functional shoulder training exercise, as the movement mimics the movement pattern used in various sports. When performing this shoulder training exercise, keep in mind that the angle at which you push the bar up greatly influences the level of shoulder recruitment. The greater the upward angle, the greater the wrapping of the shoulders.

Looking for more than just these three exercises to train your shoulders? Contact us, we have a dedicated team that can help you, whatever your goal may be!