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What is the best time of the day to exercise?

Physical exercise is important for both body and mind, however, every day they ask us what is the best time of day to perform the daily workout, one part of which prefers the morning, others the afternoon and even during the night . Here we show you the advantages and disadvantages of various types of training.

A research done claims that if the goal is to lose fat, the best time of day for exercise is during the morning before breakfast.

Experts explain that in the morning the body will have decimated carbohydrates or sugars and therefore consumes stored fat for strength.

However, there are some people who can not work on an empty stomach. For these cases it is advisable to start the day with a small snack and then begin your exercise. Getting up early and staying active can help boost your physical energy levels and help you stay mentally alert for the rest of the day.

The main disadvantage of performing exercise in the morning is that the body temperature is quite low after waking up and of course your energy levels and blood flow are reduced. Good heating is essential to prevent any type of injury.

Training in the afternoon has the advantage of being already alert and awake and your muscles have already had a previous warm up, even if only doing day-to-day tasks, decreasing the chances of injuries.

If you exercise in the afternoon your daily stress may decrease because there is a break in your daily tasks and your blood flow to the brain improves. Time is the only restriction for those who train during the afternoon because time may be shortened due to the daily routine between work, home, and family.

Evening can be the best time of day to train if your goal is to gain muscle. Exercising at night can help you gain strength. Experts say that at night, the muscles are heated and are needed for a muscular endurance workout. Training at night can help you regulate the amount of food you eat at dinner to make your workout more. Evening exercises can also be a wonderful relief from stress after spending a hectic day at the office.

However, some studies have shown that intense, vigorous late-night workouts can affect sleep as body temperature and hormone activity increase. So we recommend that you perform your last exercise between 1 and 3 hours before bed.

These are just general aspects of training, each person should try each of these workouts and then choose the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. What matters is your willingness to train, not the time you train! At Personal Trainers there are no problems with the schedule, we always have professionals to accompany you during your training, contact us!