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Do you know the Hip Thrust?

As time goes by, physical activity has gained ground in people's lives. Both men and women are concerned about having a balance between the upper and lower body.

When the focus is the muscles of the lower limbs, like the glutes and hamstrings, we can see many people performing exercises like donkey kicks or donkey leg raises in the gym that generate little activation and adaptations on the Target muscles.

Unlike the exercises mentioned above, Hip Thrust is the exercise where there is a great recruitment and activation of the glutes and hamstrings maintaining a great muscular tension throughout the exercise.

In a study done in 2015, Bret Contreras and his colleagues concluded that when compared to squats and other exercises for lower limbs, hip thrust causes greater activation and constant muscle tension both in the extension and in the hip flexion.

The reason for this is explained by the position of the body combined with the vector forces of the load throughout the exercise.



1. Prepare a bar with the right weight for you

2. With a bench perpendicular to your body, lie on your back supporting only the area of your shoulder blades on the bench

3. The feet should be pointed forward, parallel and feet apart to the width of the hips, the knees should be bent

4. Place the barbell over your hips and extend the hips by directing your pelvis toward the ceiling

5. Return to the starting position without touching the buttocks on the floor until all repetitions have been completed

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Text by Francisco Barbosa