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How to make exercise fun for kids

Obesity is a growing problem that affects all age groups. One of the reasons behind this event is to increase the taste for the digital world and ignore the importance of physical activity. It's hard to get younger ones to exercise when they're glued to a screen, whether it's a cell phone, a television, a computer, or even a tablet. It is necessary to encourage them to exercise. Here is a list of how to make exercise more fun:

Through Yoga
Yoga is one of the best ways to reduce obesity and keep young children healthy and active. It just needs a little space and a rug and it's ready. Yoga increases flexibility, develops coordination, and improves strength. For children, let them imitate animal poses for example. If it sounds difficult, create a story around the exercise.

Internal and external activities
You can take indoor and outdoor obstacle courses. There are times when you just can not let the little ones down the street. Inside the house, arrange some pillows in the house and ask the little ones to jump 10 times over them.

When on the street, make the simple walk in the park an obstacle course, such as climbing the stairs several times, jumping, running. In this case the imagination prevails, as long as it does not jeopardize the well-being of each one.

Take him/ her with you
The little ones yearn for the attention of the adults, so take it with you to live one of your days. Instead of leaving them at home to play, take them with you for a walk or even a simple trip to the supermarket. If you practice in a gym, try to know if there are group classes where children can participate.

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