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Outdoor cardio exercises

Leading a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the body. To improve cardiovascular health, it is necessary to practice cardiovascular exercises. Here is a list of exercises that boost blood circulation.

Swimming is a great exercise as it involves different limbs and muscles as you move through the water. This exercise helps to make the heart pump blood faster, while the lungs absorb clean air and expel used air.

When walking, different joints like the knees, elbows and shoulders move, improving their lubrication. The muscles around the legs, thighs, arms and back will not only receive nutrition from oxygenated blood but will also receive the much needed exercise.

When running, the heart and lungs work, such as swimming or cycling. The lungs absorb oxygen and disperse used air quickly. This happens to supply the heart with oxygenated blood.

When it cycles, it helps boost metabolism by allowing the body to burn calories which, in turn, feed the muscle cells. Cycling allows you to work your legs, back, elbows, arms and wrists. The heart and lungs will benefit from oxygen as well as the energy produced.

Text from Personal Trainers