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5 Tips Choosing The Right And Healthy Restaurant

Going to a restaurant can be a headache if you are aware of your diet. It does not control how the food is made, what type of product is used, many conditioning factors that can compromise our diet. The good news is that with a little planning, you can make the right choices before you even leave the house! Here we show you the top 5 tips for choosing the right restaurant and continuing your diet.

1. Plan ahead. This applies to both local and eating. Have a list of restaurants where you know the menu well. Many restaurants have their menus online which makes the decision easier before leaving home.

2. Read the menu carefully. Whether it's online or in the restaurant, enjoy the time by reviewing the menu options. Be selective with what you are asking for and consider balancing your meal, for example, if you choose a heavier dish, select a vegetable accompaniment. If you know you will want dessert, choose chicken or grilled or roasted fish with a salad.

3. Do not hesitate to make special requests. Restaurants are often very flexible with their menu, even with preparation methods. Ask if the meat you are thinking of ordering can be grilled instead of fried. Do not abuse the accompaniments like bacon or mayonnaise and choose a boiled or salted potato.

4. Pay attention to your alcohol consumption. If you choose to drink alcohol, the guidelines recommend one serving a day for women and two for men.

5. More volume in meals. Increase the nutritional profile of your meal by adding volume. Ask for extra vegetables or stack your burger with extra tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables. Not only does this make your meal more nutritious, but it also helps you feel satisfied and satisfied for longer.

These are just a few tips so you can eat at a restaurant and still keep an eye on the diet and not regret it after eating a huge hamburger with extra-fries.

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