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Do you know the benefits of the isometric board?

Personal Trainers indicates 5 benefits that when performing this exercise regularly brings us:

1 - It improves your flexibility of the muscles of various regions of the body, such as shoulders, arms, tendons and arches of the feet, areas that do not always deserve attention, but that are of extreme importance for our body;

2 - Strengthens the entire core, a group of muscles close to the region of the navel, which involves all our center of gravity and, as such, is fundamental for the balance and stabilization of our body;

3 - By working the muscles that stabilize the spine, the board still strengthens the back, combating and reducing pain in this part of the body, especially in the lower back;

4 - It is an easy exercise to perform, for not requiring any equipment you can perform anywhere;

5 - Being a joint alignment work, helps maintain the physiological curvatures of the spine.

 Therefore, it is an exercise of extreme importance that you must include in your workout always in accordance with your goal.

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