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Postpartum exercise

Postpartum recovery through physical activity is important for all women who had children, for over nine months your body is taken to the extreme and undergoes a series of transformations.

There is evidence that physical activity, can help women get back into shape and, in many cases, even improve it had before getting pregnant, will improve mood, cardiorespiratory fitness, losing weight gain over the nine months It also reduces postpartum depression and anxiety.

After a normal delivery without complications and the woman can begin to practice the exercise as soon as you feel comfortable, usually around six weeks. Now a caesarean section should be about ten or twelve weeks.

Now, it is important to realize that each woman will have a different recovery and should talk to your doctor before beginning physical activity. Studies recommend exercises that include job of the pelvic floor, strength training, core work, stretching and aerobic work for all moms able to retrieve all the changes that your body has undergone throughout pregnancy.

To start exercising a new mom can get at least 15 minutes of aerobic exercise (walking) for three to five days a week and gradually increasing the time up to 150 minutes divided by week to a medium-low intensity. If you already have a regular exercise before and during pregnancy can perform exercises with a slightly higher intensity.

Some doubts may arise to start your physical activity, such as physical discomfort, being too tired, breastfeeding or lack of time.

But to help all those questions a personal trainer is the best solution. After a chat and initial assessment, the exercises are appropriate for your current condition, with complete guidance to make you feel good while doing the exercises working on right intensity.

With a personal trainer can perform workouts which feel more comfortable in your home or in a studio and you can also take your drinks in the cart. Usually, mom can to manage the workout time for breastfeeding to be before and after, during that hour the baby is there on the cart to sleep soundly while doing your workout.

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