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Importance of Stretching

Stretching. "For what?"

Still, there was some prejudice/laziness with the importance of stretching exercises for practitioners and practitioners not workout. When I mean prejudice is in the sense that even if you do somehow harms the elongation increased muscle mass, and when I mean laziness, is when it exceeds this phase of training.

We now know that not only makes sense to do the stretching at the end of the training, but also in the home, but of a dynamically, in order to benefit from the results of the well-being of the practitioner.

These dynamic stretches serve to prepare the muscle fibers and prepare the moves by increasing their breadth. These must be made at an early stage of practice, on heating gradually, increasing the amplitude.

The elongation at final stage is so important with the dynamic, and must be made always on after an exercise session. Is to take into account that these should not be made soon after the "aggression", but only after the return to calm when the muscles and tendons are already at a stage already with a lower tension, and should have a duration of about 20 to 30 seconds.

Taking into accounts the stretches only has benefits, provided they are done properly, you can have as advantages, reducing muscle tension and relaxation, improving coordination, contributing to movements, more loose and easy, increase the muscle amplitude, injury prevention, development of body awareness, activation of circulation.

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Text by Francisco Magalhães