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Myofascial Release

Myofascial means muscle fascia that involves all muscle tissues as such is of utmost importance. It involves all organs, glands and cells of the body, and surrounds the circulatory, nervous and musculoskeletal system, as well as the digestive tract. Its main functions are stabilization, protection and coordination.

Trigger points are discrete nodules located within the limits of myofascial tissues that, when stimulated, cause pain and may cause changes in the autonomic system, such as increased secretion of sweat, cold, tears, saliva and chills. They may present as a latent trigger point, that is, one in which the referred pain only manifests when some type of pressure is exerted, or an active trigger point, one in which the referred pain is manifested even without any pressure.

Regarding its causes of activation may be through:

               • Repetitive movements;

               • Overload;

               • Imbalance in the joint;

               • Extreme contraction for a long time;

               • Trauma;

               • Stress.

When performing the myofascial release will bring you several benefits such as:

1-Causes a short-term increase in flexibility, which lasts longer than 10 minutes and does not affect sports performance;

2-Increases the range of motion, possibly by decreasing the adhesions between the layers of the fascia;

3- It can increase long-term flexibility in programs lasting more than two weeks;

4- It can reduce perceived muscle pain and increase the pain pressure threshold for 48 hours after intense exercise.

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Text by Diogo Lopes.