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The Importance of Muscle Rest for the Hypertrophy Process

Training is the stimulus that generates muscle wear, which is later compensated with rest, allowing for increased strength and volume. Therefore all the result of bodybuilding comes from recovery.

Personal Trainers tells you some things to keep in mind in this process:

To sleep

Sleep is fundamental and often we cannot do it properly, respecting the number of hours needed and the quality of sleep. Try to sleep as early as possible, avoiding noise or some light source.

After training

After your workout, you need to make a good return to calm by stretching and breathing lightly to lower your stress levels.


Good fitness is required, which will allow you to recover between each set and between workouts as quickly as possible so that you can get better performance during exercise.


Diet is as important or more important than exercise, so always try to eat well before and after each workout, not just supplements.

Muscle massage

This technique allows you to transport more nutrients to all muscles, thus helping in the recovery process but also avoids possible late pain or even postural issues.

Invest in recovery as you invest in your training!

Text by Diogo Lopes