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The Benefits of Physical Activity in Fighting Silent Diseases

We all know that exercise is good for health, which helps to improve quality of life and well-being. Any health and exercise professional advises you to practice frequently and with guidance. And there is more and more scientific evidence supporting its benefits. In this regard, recently, in June 2019, the British Journal of Sports Medicine did a systematic review of the latest studies on the impact of a physical activity program on people with hypertension, cancer and diabetes. He concluded that a program of strength and moderate exercise helps to reduce systolic blood pressure to levels similar to those produced by the medication. He found that regular exercise helps the immune system fight cancer as it is strengthened and promotes more effective post-treatment rehabilitation. And that a well-oriented and constant physical practice promotes the regulation of glycemic levels as well as helps to prevent complications associated with diabetes.

For your health, exercise.

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Text by Ricardo Amorim