Evolve Fitness Concept


It is common that people think that with the lifestyle that lead can achieve objectives seeking to. However the goals, many of the times are unrealistic, not only because they are not adapted to the individual, as the person is not willing to "sacrifice" your lifestyle to achieve the long-awaited goal. That glass to weekend dessert after dinner, are those examples that are most frequently recurring, is happening with greater regularity, being incompatible with that flat stomach you always like to have.

With the consumption of social networks, it is normal that if you assume that it is easier to reach that body that "idolized", however is not transmitted with such clarity the requirement that "physical perfection".

As professionals, we need to know to determine expectations and know to advise the most appropriate goals that customers coming to the gym for the first time. Bearing in mind also that these new social figures, working in exclusive for this type of lifestyle and typically that desk job of 8 hours per day.

However, it is not to discourage, that can always have the form that aspires to, but be prepared for a bit more drastic changes of your routines.

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Text by Francisco Magalhães