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Low-Back Strengtheniing For Back Pain Relief

According to WHO (World Health Organization) 80% of the world's population suffers from back problems, mainly in the lower back.

Lower back pain is very common and is usually caused by a musculoskeletal disorder of the spine and the sum of other factors such as fatigue, obesity and lack of exercise. The most common reason is due to bad postures during our day to day life, because with the advancement of technologies we tend to get more sedentary and consequently our muscles weaken by not supporting the spine properly, as if it wasn't enough we still aggravate, like being bent over at a computer for hours, sitting all crooked on the couch watching TV or even looking at the phone. All of this in the long run creates problems of a postural nature, leading to serious consequences such as severe back pain, so-called low back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, etc.

The first step should be to work on prevention but unfortunately most people only remember after having the problem, even in gyms rarely see professionals prescribing exercises for the lower back except in specific cases and should not be so.

Strengthening the lower back is of fundamental importance to stabilize the spine which is mainly composed of the abdominal, oblique and lumbar muscles, because the stronger the back muscles, the less we overload this region.

Here are some exercises to strengthen the lower back:

- pointers;

- Lumbar flexion seated;

- Lumbar extension lying down;

- Unilateral gluteus bridge;

- Inverted plank;

-Oblique standing.

Text Vivano Rocha