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Is there a key to weight loss?

Many will say yes !!
Diet, Exercise Practice, Thermogenic, etc., etc.

For Weight Loss, not for weight loss, there is no key but a code. A code formed by diet, training, stress management and hormonal balance. All of these factors have their importance in the healthy weight loss process. I can make a good diet, but not properly training my healthy weight loss process will not be effective. The opposite too !!

Thus, for healthy weight loss should be used:

- a diet that allows a caloric deficit between consumed and spent while providing the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the body;

- Carry out sensible, motivating, safe and effective exercise that makes it easier to caloric deficit, increase muscle mass, metabolic and hormonal efficiency;

- The management of psychological stress so that there is a greater willingness to train, to avoid binge eating processes and to maintain hormonal balance;

and - Maintain hormonal balance so that the response to exercise and nutrition is adequate, as well as the functioning of our body.

Finally, the process of weight loss is like an orchestra, if one of the instruments is out of tune, the others may be playing the excellence, but the sound will be horrible !!

Think about it !!!

Carlos Pinto