Evolve Fitness Concept


According to the Health & Care group (2016) and the Sage platform (2015), in addition to all the benefits associated with the practice of regular physical exercise, this is also beneficial for increasing productivity at work, which, even if necessary, can represent a source of stress and other negative factors. Here are the 4 main reasons why you should exercise alongside your work:

1. Reduction of Absenteeism and Presentism

Absences justified by illnesses that can be a direct effect of sedentary lifestyle or the adoption of bad postures at work often occur, as well as a decrease in the pace of work due to pain with the same origin.

With the practice of physical exercise workers will be able to relieve the tension generated by work and, therefore, will be less absent and will be more productive.

2. Decrease in Stress at Work

By default, physical exercise helps to release everyday tensions and tends to stimulate the release of the happiness hormone - serotonin. Therefore, the worker who chooses to exercise will be less prone to the stress caused by professional situations.

Less stress, more productivity!

3. Improvements in Motivation

Contrary to what one might think, the practice of physical activity will not deplete body energy, on the contrary, it will have positive effects on the motivation and disposition of individuals which, therefore, will make them more available for work.

4. Valuing the Company and Less Turnover

Companies that value the health of their workers will always be companies that, in return, will also be valued by their employees who will have the desire to build a lasting relationship. That said, it is not only in the interest of the worker to remain physically active, it is also in the interest of the company!

In view of all these advantages, it is undeniable that working should be the ideal justification for exercising and not the other way around. Improve your effectiveness and, above all, your health. Come train with us!