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After months of confinement, finally our gyms and health clubs will be able to open doors. Let's get back tointense workouts, healthy routines and energetic days.
Although some are still on the back foot in relation to the practice of physical activity indoors, which is perfectly normal, we must be aware that in addition to the "sedentary lifestyle" caused by quarantine (in some cases) need urgent deconfinement, fitness needs to open doors, and is doing so in the most conscious and safe way possible.

We want the Portuguese active, healthy and with a good immunity, but it is important to point out that the return to physical activity will have to be readjusted to the reality in which we find ourselves.
So I want to leave you a few little tips, in order to feel safer, more aware and clear to help you in some way to return to your goals and achieve your training goals.

In a situation A- Athlete who started physical activity during quarantine
For those who never trained, but during the quarantine period began to do small training at home. It's important that you continue to train in the gym. The training stimulus will be different so there has to be a re-education of the training process. Starting with the most basic exercises, and seeking the help of an exercise professional should be the first steps to take.

In a situation B- Athlete who has performed training at home
In the first week, the same usual training division should be resumed, but it is important not to go to muscle failure (which leaves the muscle in extreme tension). And why is that? Because the muscles, before a resistance training, mostly using the weight of the body (training at home) is not subject to the same type of stimulus in their muscle fibers, nor est are they subjects tothe same degree of tension as a workout using external loads, as occurs in the gyms. It is suggested, therefore,, to take it easy in the 1st week, reevaluate and from the 2nd week go analyzing and progressing respecting the signals of the body. It is necessary that the body, if readapte, to training in gym.
2nd situation- Athlete who did not train during quarantine

For all athletes who stayed 2/3 months without performing any kind of physical activity, they go very calmly. For the 1st week, it is suggested a routine of full body, whole body, slow, few loads, low intensity, about 3 full body workouts during the 1st week.

For the 2nd week, there may be an increase to 4 trainings per week of full body, keeping in it, low intensity, moderate loads, always worth the technique and the amplitude.

In the 3rd week there may already be a division of training by muscle groups, increase the intensity and volume of training, but consciously, and with caution.
In the 4th week of training it is already safe to perform training until the failure of muscle groups.

For all these examples any athlete should count on the support of an exercise professional, because during these months there was a "learning" of many factors that contribute to the performance of each one in any type ofcphysical activity, either at the level of routines, sedentary habits, interaction in the gym, motivation for an objective, technique of execution of exercises, discipline and awareness ofthe training program. That's why, and it is with the utmost commitment and satisfaction that we exercise professionals want to help and motivate each athlete to return to a healthy life,safely avoiding possible injuries

Finally, I leave some suggestions for all of us who want to return to the gyms safely.
Disinfect your hands at the entrance and exit of the gym
Use a pair of sneakers exclusively for the gym
Use mask for moments of exit, entry, possible travel between devices, conversation with other athletes or staff of the gym
Wear resistant gloves while practicing physical activity
Avoid touching your hands on your face or in unnecessary places
Disinfect all appliances after use
Use one appliance at a time, avoid superseries between appliances

These were some tips to get back to our gyms, consciously and safely and clearly full of strength to train and resume healthy and active routines.

Good Workouts
Carolina Coelho