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The glutes are composed of 3 muscles, the small gluteus (smaller and deeper), the middle gluteus (triangular shape and partially covered by the large gluteus) and the large gluteus (bulkier and superficial).

A strengthened and worked gluteus, it plays both an important role for sports performance, as in the execution of jumps, in the prevention of injuries and back pain. (De & de Assisi, n.d.).

-The glutes, together with the abdominals, paravertebral muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor form the loin-pelvis-hip complex (CORE) or according to Joseph Pilates, "power  house" (or center of strength), responsiblefor  maintaining dynamic and static stability.(De & de Assisi, n.d.)

- (Aurelius Et al., n.d.) Said that, maximus gluteus strengthening exercises should be included for patients who have pain and positive clinical tests for sacroiliac dysfunction.

- (Marques, 2015), showed that, para the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), pelvic floor strengthening exercises plus muscle strengthening such as hip adductors, maximal glutes and middle glutes have better results throughout treatment to reduce urinary loss than just perineal strengthening.

- For the treatment of low back pain, second (Cristina De Jesus & Daniel, 2011), They are indicated mainly exercises of abdominal strengthening, stretching of the lumbar musculature and thigh muscles, and, in addition, exercises that strengthen and increase the resistance of the core muscles.  core.

Thus, to prevent this type of injury/pathologies and have a strengthened and resistant gluteus there are several exercises that can and should be included in the training programs for any type of athlete, of any age group and of any gender.

Look for a training plan tailored to your individual characteristics, and your needs, we are available to clarify all your doubts and help you meet your goals.


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