Evolve Fitness Concept


Nowadays physical activity has a fundamental role for society, because we are facing a tremendous precariousness in terms of physical exercise.

Daily physical activity plays an important role in one's active lifestyle. In adults, this more active lifestyle helps prevent and combat some chronic degenerative diseases as well as reducing cardiovascular mortality. Physical activity in children and adolescents, on the other hand, helps to restore their lipid and metabolic profile in preventing obesity. The more active in adolescence, the more active in adulthood.

Guedes et al. (2012), considers physical activity as a procedure focused on the individual for moving in parts or as a whole. The same author considers that physical activity is constructed through several factors that are interconnected between them, of which they are included: the intensity, duration and repetition of each body movement; on the other hand, the same author indicates that physical activity covers different parameters: fitness related to sports performance and its relationship with health. Lazzoli et al. (1998), defines physical activity as all body movements caused by the various skeletal muscles that cause energy consumption.

Franchi (2005), names the benefits of physical activity for health as the promotion of functional capacities at different ages. He understands functional capabilities as "the performance for carrying out daily activities or activities of daily living", classifying daily activities into two parameters. The instrumental activities of daily life include: cooking, cleaning the house, shopping etc,; daily life activities include basic elements such as: bathing, dressing, getting up / lying down, which in other words are personal care tasks.

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João Pedro Matos