Evolve Fitness Concept


Strength is defined as the ability to exert opposition against resistance, it is a fundamental physical capacity for maintaining an optimal motor function, and consequently for a good quality of life. Many studies confirm the decrease in this ability according to age.

From the age of 50, there is a progressive loss of muscle strength and power (3/4% per year) partly due to a loss of muscle fibers due to hormonal influences. As such, with specific strength training, it allows an increase in muscle mass and the transmission of impulses becomes more effective.

Personal Trainers gives you to know some benefits that can be acquired with an adequate strength work with the elderly:

• Strengthening of the musculoskeletal system;

• Increase in strength, endurance, muscle tone;

• Prevention of osteoporosis;

• Prevention of infections and muscle and joint pain;

• Prevention of arthrosis.

To produce the adaptation effects, sessions should be held at least 2x a week, and a maximum of 5x a week, the most recommended being 3x a week.

In summary, maintaining basic strength levels will help the elderly to move more independently in their activities of daily living, and as a result, achieve a better quality of life.


Diogo Lopes