Evolve Fitness Concept


In the face of a pandemic we had never lived through, many doubts arise, one of them is how you can train safely.

It is possible to train safely and accompanied at the same time!

We Personal Trainers work in 3 different ways but with all the accompaniment that is characteristic of us.

-Training outdoors is a great option, one of our Personal Trainers during training is properly protected and with the recommended safety distance, thus managing to train with space and in an outdoor space.

-Training in the gym, our Evolve gym, is properly cleaned, disassociated and with all safety standards, the equipment is always disinfected before and after each use, the number of people attending at the same time is controlled, this way, it is possible to train in our gym and thus return to the training routine.

- Training by video call, this type of training was widely used during quarantine, however we continue to teach training in this way. We advise this type and service if you do not feel completely safe in doing it in person, and / or you are in isolation.


Do not stop training, do not make all the results you achieved previously disappear, create a routine and organize yourself in order to feel safe, we can help you.


Ana Rita Abreu