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signs that need to loose weight (part 2)

Signs that need to lose weight (Part 2) 

In the last article we noted some signs that deserve your full attention and are indicators that the time has come to act. It is time to think about losing weight!

Today we present more warning signs that need.

The use of various excuses to explain your weight gain, incorrect eating habits and lack of physical exercise in our view are obvious signs. Human beings are skilled when it comes to finding excuses for what he knows to be wrong but insists on not change. 

Our advice is to focus your energy on wanting to change because when we want something there is always time. Your joints are becoming increasingly painful and overweight overloads the same again our advice: get moving! The body is your vehicle needs to move, to create a mechanical stress appropriate to it, in addition will also lower the weight load on the major joints.

Finally, do not even refer to the physical exercise but to carry out the activities of your day to day, went upstairs and had to make some cupboards at home and it cost him and weighed ... The reduction in functionality is very worrying , shortness of breath may be associated with a sedentary lifestyle, a strong sign that your lungs and heart are not being subject to the labor they needed.

We just want to raise awareness of those situations that much of the population ignores and clarifies them that are truly important and deserve all the attention. Worry about you, want the best for themselves.

Count with our support.